El Día de la Velitas



“In Colombia, the Christmas season starts on December 7th. This day celebrates the Immaculate Conception and is called ‘El Día de la Velitas’, or the Day of the Little Candles. On the night of December 7th or sometimes earliy in the morning on December 8th (before the sun comes up), families light colorful candles and lanterns in the houses and lining the streets. Everyone does this in Colombia and so the whole country is lit up for that one night and day to welcome in the Christmas season.”




The Immaculate Conception is celebrated mainly on December 8th in many Catholic countries and Colombia is no different. No Christian service is ever held without candles, as candles symbolize a dispelling of evil, warding away the darkness of the night, the Eternal Light, and also a burning love for God. Candles are lit everyone on El Día de la Velitas to welcome in the Christmas season, one of the most holy times of the year. It is to bring light to the country and remind everyone of the peacefulness of the holiday season.