Black and White with Red all over

In Santa Barbara, where Wyatt went to school, all the kids were familiar with the joke, “what is black and white with read all over?” The answer was newspaper, and always bored the kids when they were asked it. Wyatt and the other kids started saying other answers to the play on words joke to make it literal.
“What is black and white with red all over?”
Some of the answers would be:
A Zebra with a sunburn
A Penguin in a blender
A Panda with lipstick
A Skunk in a bear trap
Or anything that involved a black and white animal that had red on him.
Even though the kids changed the joke to be more literal instead of being a pun, they did create imaginative and fresh new ways of telling the overly told joke. However, there were some violent answers thought of by the kids.