Black Peter

So Black Peter isn’t something my family subscribes to – I learned it in French class in high school. So behind Santa is Black Peter. So when Santa comes around, giving out presents, he skips the bad children. And Black Peter comes when Santa has left the bad children alone, and whips them, or steals them, or gives them coal.

And I don’t know if this is important, but I’m pretty sure Black Peter rides a donkey.


And this is French? What does Black Peter look like?


Yeah, French. Well, for a start, he’s black, haha. Past that, I don’t know.


Racially or just like in coal?


Racially, I’m pretty sure.


Do you think that his race has anything to do with his being a foil to Santa Claus?


Yeah, definitely, haha.


My question about this being French stems from a Germanic creature called “der Krampus,” who basically functions the same way. He’s this nasty demon thing that whips all the bad, little children. I find it interesting that Black Peter is actually a person, not a monster. Perhaps this is tied to some deeper racial tension that existed in French culture around the time of his inception.