Blonde, Brunette and Redhead on the Run

There’s a blonde, brunette and a redhead. And they’re trying to.. um… break out of jail. So they all jump over, like, the big wall. But then once they’re over they this fence, they see a security guard coming towards them. And then so this see this line of trash cans, and they’re like alright, we can each fit in one of them. And they’re all hiding in the trashcans and the security guard comes over and hits each trash can with his baton. And the first one he hits has the blonde in it, and she goes meow meow meow. And the security goes “looks like just a cat”. And he hits the one with the brunette in it and she barks and he got son “looks like a cat”. And then he hits the one with the redhead in it, and she says “I’m a weasel.”


This is funny because redheads are dumb!


The person who told me this is gay, lower income, and went to an art school. Therefore, I believe that this is an attempt to flip the traditional blonde joke to represent something a bit more marginalized, as he feels.