New Years Traditions

Informant Info:

  • Nationality: Mexican 
  • Residence: Los Angeles 
  • Primary language: English and Spanish 


E.S recalls living in a Mexican household, specifically every year when New Years came around. She says, “We have these certain rituals or traditions to ensure that we have a fresh start and a clean slate for the new year.” Some of these traditions include:

  • We wear red underwear to symbolize good luck 
  • We eat 12 grapes each for every month of the year, with every grape that we eat we make a wish or another word to describe it would be a resolution and this happens as fast as you can once the clock strikes 12
  • We also do a deep clean of the entire house either the day of or the day after New Years, we take out old clothes, rearrange furniture, put new curtains, regular cleaning 
  • E.S told me that these traditions are upheld to obtain the most luck possible to have a great year. 


The New Year is a significant time for everyone, regardless of where you are in the world. Every region celebrates New Years in their own way when the clock hits twelve. I also have grown up in a Mexican household, and there was lots of resemblance between the traditions of E.S’s family and mine. For example, my family also eats the 12 grapes, and each one has its own wish or resolution for the upcoming year. We wait till it’s New Years to eat them and make our wishes. Another tradition my family has is that we like to wish each other a Happy New Year and we embrace each other with hugs and kisses. I believe that we all hold and cherish our New Year’s traditions because we all hope for a better year. New Years can also be considered an opportunity for change in our lives and aspirations.