Blonde on the Run

There’s a blonde a brunette and a redhead one the run from the cops so they run into this barn. And there’s these three stables in the barn, so they all run into a different one. And they go and look in the stables, and the brunette is hiding behind the horse, so she goes “neigh”, so they think it’s just a horse. And then the redhead is hiding behind a cow so she got s”moo”. And finally the blonde is hiding behind a sack of potatoes, so she goes “Nothing here but a sack of potatoes.”

It’s funny because blondes are stupid!

This was told to me by a white, upper middle class person. I think that this is a racist joke that is acceptable in our culture, so his conservative attitude would allow him to tell this. Also, there are more fake blondes on the west coast, and he is from Jersey.