Bloody Mary


The informant and a few of her friends were having a sleepover in elementary school. They decided to try and summon Bloody Mary. To do this, they all headed to the bathroom. They looked into the bathroom mirror and chanted “Bloody Mary” three times. After, they turned off the lights three times as well. Bloody Mary was nowhere to be seen, but she recalls turning the lights on and off to be the scariest part.


When the informant was in elementary school, attempting to summon Bloody Mary was a popular activity, which is why her and her friends were inclined to try it themselves. At this age, she still believed that there was a possibility that ghosts were real, so it was nerve-racking to try to summon Bloody Mary.


For children, things like ghosts and other supernatural topics are much easier to believe in. I think Bloody Mary was such a popular game for children because it was a way to start to explore and form those beliefs for themselves. Also, since most adults do not advertise the idea that ghosts are real, it is a way for children to attempt to rebel against grown-ups.