Haunted Shed


At the informants elementary school in Georgia, USA, there was a beaten down, white shed behind the play structure that no children would even think about going near. This is because the shed had an incredibly ominous aura about it and was said to be haunted.


The informant recalls being terrified of the shed, and that after her classmates told her it was haunted she stopped playing on the play structure because of how close it was to the shed. As she got older, she stopped believing the shed was haunted. She said that her classmates would dare each other to peek into it or touch it, but no one ever did because they were too scared.


It seems like children are more susceptible to believing in ghosts or haunted things. This could be because they seek excitement in this sense or because they have not reached the age where belief in ghosts is not accepted. I think children are more open-minded about paranormal activity, which could be why haunted areas (bathrooms, sheds, etc) at schools are so common. (I also had a haunted shed at my elementary school).