Bloody Mary

  1. My friend heard this version of “Bloody Mary” from another friend: “A long time ago, there was a girl named Mary. She lived with her father and mother, one year, she got very sick and fell into a coma. She was in a coma for 3 months, and then the doctor finally said that Mary was pronounced dead. But her parents thought she would come back alive so they got her in a coffin and buried her in their front yard, but they left a little hole in the coffin and through the dirt and put a string in it that was attached to a bell and put it in her hand. They waited for hours and when they were about to go in, they heard the bell. They dug her up as fast as they could but by that time, she was dead and her finger nails were all off and she was all bloody, (this is how she got named Bloody Mary) and it turns out, her parents beat her before she got sick and now she haunts because she thinks that the people that are her victims are her parents and she wants them to suffer just like her.” “If you want to summon Bloody Mary, and face her wrath, you have to go to the bathroom, turn off all of the lights, look straight into the mirror, and say ‘Bloody Mary’ thirteen times.”
  2. My friend heard this tale back when he was in elementary school, from another one of his classmates. He remembered being so afraid to even go into the bathroom after hearing this story, and it still has stuck with him ever since this time.
  3. Bloody Mary has been retold many times, in many different ways. This story is especially popular among elementary and middle school students.
  4. I also remember hearing this story when I was younger. As I got older, I do not recall anyone ever speaking about Bloody Mary, or even mentioning it. When I was younger I was also frightened by this story as well, since I remember I actually believed in it.

*For another version of this tale, see:

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