Brazilian Proverb

Informant-Beatriz Jacobs: My roommate, Beatriz Jacobs who is originally from Brazil and lives there with her family. Another proverb that is common in Brazil and very close to her. Also gained in person through an interview.


“Dizei-me com quem andas e eu te direi quem és.” translated to “Tell me with whom you walk, and I will tell you who you are”


“My mom always used to tell me this as a kid because when we moved to Miami for a few years there were a lot of snobby kids. She did not want me to hang around them and turn into them because its not like Brazilian culture. We are incredibly warm so my mother wanted me to stay true to my culture and always told me that. When we moved back she continued to tell me this and its always stuck with me and guided me throughout my life.”


Thoughts: I have heard this proverb but not that often in American culture. I think it says a lot about the loving nature of Brazilians because of how important it is to their culture and how much it was used.