Bulgarian round loaf of bread

“So in Bulgaria, usually around the holidays like Christmas Eve, they make this round loaf of bread that has designs on top of it. There can be different designs, but typically, it’s a cross, especially if you’re religious. So they bake a coin into the bread. Then, the family or the people at the table or whoever split the bread into things, like usually things that you own first like your car, your house, your cow, and this is for the good fortune for those things. Then you give pieces of bread to the family members and whoever gets the coin gets good luck for the year.”

In Bulgaria, New Year is a time to wish for good fortune to the existing possessions that you have. This may mean that Bulgarian people are grateful for what they have, and only wish for things to inherently stay well. Coins symbolize wealth and financial success, which in some circles boils down to success. Dividing the bread shares that chance of success with loved ones.