Carrot Eating

My mom would always yell at me at every meal because I would never eat any vegetables. I told her I didn’t like eating things that are green and she told me that vegetables are so important and to be healthy you need to eat them. I was about eight years old and I responded back asking if you eat so many vegetables then why are you so unhealthy and have to where glasses? She told me her point was to make sure I ate vegetables because she never did and she wanted me to be healthy. She said if I don’t want to have glasses like her than I should eat carrots because they help eye sight.

Informant: My Girlfriend Katie is the informant for this piece of folklore. She had a lot of trouble thinking of any folklore, but was able to recall mostly from her childhood.

Analysis: I felt like this is a common piece of oral tradition that a lot of children here growing up. I think its amazing that people have so much trouble distinguishing if this is indeed true. It’s fascinating that this piece of folklore could have been made up by a parent several decades ago, as a way to make their children eat carrots or it could have been just a saying.