Catching Mew in Pokémon Red and Blue



“Dude this just went viral again yesterday on Twitter. Catching Mew under a tuck in Pokémon Red and Blue was a rumor that was circulating before we were even born. People thought that a Mew was hiding under a truck and they thought they could move it and catch it. Turns out there is no mew under the truck but the game was bugged so you could abuse them to catch mew elsewhere. Anyways, there was a update on Pokémon Go and now you can catch Mew in it but people are finding it in real life under trucks man haha.”




I acquired this data from my older brother, who is a competitive Pokémon Video Game Championships (VGC) player that avidly travels to local and regional events, as well as qualifying and attending the 2017 Worlds Championships.

My brother heard of this story while chatting over his friends that play VGC on twitter. Twitter is the main social platform these players utilize to communicate with each other. The saw the tweet of the Mew under the truck and they all laughed about how they truly belived it as a child.

Mew is a legendary Pokémon that was not meant to be acquirable in the Pokémon Red and Blue. However, game developers later said that there was a gltich that could be abused in the game that allowed players to catch Mew.

Pokémon Go is a smartphone game that allows users to catch Pokémon in real life. The camera shows the surrounding areas as is, but Pokémon can be found when seen through the screen. As players started to find the legendary Pokémon Mew under trucks, just like the rumor they believed in years ago, they shared their experience on social media, which went viral.




Catching Mew in Pokémon Red and Blue is a gaming legend. This is because of alleged stories that people hear of players catching the supposedly impossible to catch Pokémon in a very real and accessible place within the game.