Charlie’s Legend


“In the house my step father grew up in, they had this story about how the family that lived there before had a daughter that died in the house. My aunt had recalled a few times that she saw a ghost of the daughter in her room (the room of the daughter previously). My step dad always thought she was full of it, but years later when my aunt and stepdad were going through old family photos, and my stepdad found a photo of him hanging out at the neighbors. When my aunt saw the photo she saw the ghost in the background, in his home’s backyard. 


My friend told me this story, told to him by his stepdad. 


This story is a memorate, a good example of a popular type of ghost story. Photos are often used as proof of a ghost’s existence, and can add to the scariness of a true spirit. This story also contains the theme that a ghost tends to stay near the area of their death, as if tethered, haunting it.