Christmas Dinner

Do you do Christmas meals? 


Yeah. We have like a huge Christmas Eve party every year and everyone comes and my dad makes the same thing every fucking year.


What does he make?


Tenderloin from Costco. He makes the tenderest loin. It’s delicious. He makes tenderloin and we have Peanut M&M’s and my step-grandma makes this weird marshmallow pretzel fucking desert.


Why Peanut M&M’s? 


We just have like literally gallons of M&Ms of all varieties. It’s beautiful. Peanut M&M’s are just at Christmas. My dad calls regular M&M’s “medicine,” so we always have those.


How long has this been a tradition?


Every fuckin’ year.


This colorful post shows how ingrained certain foodways are in the fold of familial life. Certain foods are only eaten at certain times of the year, which may make the person nostalgic whenever they are exposed to them later. The mention of CostCo in particular really ties the holiday to consumerism, but it is the mention of family members by specific relation that brings out what this post truly means, which is that family makes the holiday, not the date.