Chuck Norris Joke Cycle – American

“Chuck Norris’ tears can cure cancer.  Too bad he doesn’t cry.”

“Chuck Norris doesn’t do push ups, he pushes the world down.”

“Chuck Norris doesn’t get wet by the ocean, the ocean gets Chuck Norris.”

The informant is a 24-year-old warehouse worker and Equiptment Operator in the Navy Reserves. He was born and raised in the outskirts of Boston and moved to Los Angeles about a year and a half ago. He attends an Evangelical Christian church and is painter. He completed high school and is figuring out a college program to go to.

The informant detailed where he first heard these jokes: “I remember it was like my first drill [Navy Reserve weekend] at San Diego, and I remember I was paired up with this guy to show me the ropes. And all he did was tell jokes all freaking day thinking he was the coolest guy, I mean all he did was tell jokes. And, so yeah that’s what I heard it from.” The informant said he tells them all the time “because I think they’re funny.” When asked why he said, “I don’t know I guess that’s my kinda sense of humor.” Along with Michael Jackson jokes, these are the informants favorite jokes.

The informant is interested in very American guy types of things – American football, boxing, basketball, wrestling, he works in a warehouse with other guys, he’s in the Navy. I think something about this joke expresses this muscle-power masculine identity that he surrounds himself with. The first can almost been seen as this rejection of an academic or lab-rat lifestyle that some men live. Instead the informant more identifies with work that uses muscle strength rather than the mind. The second – pushing the world down, identifies with this super-human strength that Chuck Norris’ characters seem to have. The last, along with the second, may to point to a certain larger-than-life pride in themselves that this male sub-culture can have at times.