“Chyron” and other outdated film terms

JG works in the film industry and gave examples of words that are specific to the film industry. Both of these terms are used often in when working with film even though they are no longer technologically relevant.

JG: “So at work we say that we need to chyron an episode which basially means any time a name a name comes up on the screen. So when you’re watching tv and it says “Bruce Jenner, Transgender Dad” at the bottom that’s a chyron.”

Why is called a chyron?

JG: “In the 70s and 80s there was a machine called a chyron that would physically imprint the name on the film. Now it’s all digital but everyone still calls it a chyron even thought it hasn’t been used in 20 years. The other one is when call a film a cut. So when someone needs footage they ask for the cut. That one comes from when they used to have to literally cut the film with a razor. Now they do it all digitally, but if someone wants a piece of film they still ask you for the cut”