Claddagh Ring



“A Claddagh is a traditional Irish ring. It has two hands holding a heart with a crown on top of the heart. The hands represent friendship, the heart represents love, the crown represents loyalty. People wear it on their finger and if you are in a relationship, you wear it so that the point of the heart faces towards your wrist. This points towards the main vein in your arm that leads to your heart. If you are single, you wear the ring the opposite way. It is bad luck if you buy it for yourself and it’s supposed to be given to you by someone who will love you forever, so a very serious significant other or a parent.”




My informant was given a Claddagh ring by her grandma when she turned 13 years old. Her older sister and younger sister were both given Claddagh rings when they turned 13 as well. It is a family tradition that has been passed down for ages. When a daughter turns 13 years old, the grandmother will give her a ring. It represents everlasting love and is supposed to remind the daughter that no matter what trials and tribulations love puts her through as she grows up, she will always have the love of her family.