Contemporary Legend

My father and I were going through a drive through for In-N-Out burger the other day and it sparked a conversation about fast food restaurants.  Across the street there was a Kentucky Fried Chicken, and as my dad saw it he began to tell me a story about how they produce their so-called “real chicken meat”.

While my father was not very sure about all of the details he said that a co-worker of his had told him that KFC produces all of the chicken they use in big laboratories.  Each one is lined with thousands of chickens, which are locked up in cages and kept alive by test tubes that give them nutrients.  This irregular environment causes the chickens to grown up with no feathers, beaks, or even feet.  To save money KFC has found a way to shrink the bones of the chickens allowing them to get more meat form each slaughter chicken.  Some say the government has stepped up and put a stop to this problem, but other say nothing has happened.

I do not know where this information originated from, but it cannot be good publicity for KFC.  While I am not sure if I believe this story or not it is enough to keep me away from every going to their restaurant.  Doing some more research on this topic another fact came to light.  In recent history Kentucky Fried Chicken has changed its name to KFC.  While this seems like a minor problem many say that when the government got involved with the chicken laboratories they only demand that the word Chicken not be mentioned in the name of the restaurant.

This urban legend plays along with the current connotation that fast food restaurants are disgusting, and bad for your health.  With the popularity of KFC and Americans love of gossip this rumor has spread around the country like wild fire.