Ghost Story

“We moved into the house downtown a few years ago.  Before we bought the house the realtor had told us that the previous residents had moved because they claimed a ghosts lived in the house.  This was a concern to me because I didn’t want to move into a haunted house, but my husband, Jeff, convinced me that there was nothing to be worried about.  So, a few months later the family had moved into the house and for the first few weeks they hadn’t experienced anything along the lines of a ghost.  After the family was completely unpacked they began taking their extra storage boxes up to the attic.  It was in the attic that I found an open window.  Thinking nothing of it I closed the window and went on with unpacking the boxes.  The next day I had another load of boxes that I wanted to take to the attic for storage.  After climbing up the stairs I noticed a cool breeze and realized that the window was wide open again.  Suspicious of who was opening the window I closed it again and locked the attic door shut.  The next day I unlocked the attic door to put a box away and for the third straight day the window was open.  This time I noticed a hand print on the glass, but it was very small, as if it were a child’s.  Disturbed by all of this, I decided to call the previous owners of the house and ask them about the supposed ghost.  What I learned from the phone call was very interesting.  Not only had the previous couple had the same experience with the open window, but they also knew something about the houses history that I did not.  The previous owner went on to teller me about a woman who lived in the house right after it was built.   They had found out that the first owner of the house would perform abortions in her attic.  This was back in the day when abortions were illegal, so people would go to doctors who did not practice but worked out of their homes.  I believe that the ghost in the attic was one of the small babies who was aborted in that house long ago.  I immediately started packing up the house and refused to stay there ever again.”

This was one of the most realistic ghost stories I have ever heard in my entire life.  You could tell in Betsy’s body language and voice that she was still very uneasy about what she had experienced in that house.  As a listener the uncomfortable feeling you got when listening to her made the story feel much more real.  It was almost as if I though a ghost was going to pop up behind me while she was telling the story.  That being said I still do not believe in ghost and would have to go to the house to experience the story for myself.