Contemporary Legend

“From what I heard after the billionaire Walt Disney died he was cryogenically frozen.  What’s even crazier is that some people say his body is currently buried underneath the Pirates of the Caribbean exhibit at Disneyland.  I even heard that he froze himself so one day when the technology is there, he can be unfrozen and brought back to life.”

This is probably one of the most bizarre urban legends I have ever heard.  Although I am not sure if this is a wide spread rumor I feel that living in Los Angeles, just minutes form Disney headquarters, makes this urban legend more prevalent.  This legend seemed so weird to me that I looked it up online and actually found a couple of sites that have a synopsis about this myth.  While the sites said records show that Walt Disney was cremated on December of 17, 1966 he was very secretive about his funeral.  There was even one site that said that no one was allowed to be present when he was buried, not even family.  Leading many to believe that this rumor of being frozen is true.  While this does bring about some suspicion it seems like a little bit of a stretch to say he’s frozen under magic mountain.