Corny Pickup Line Joke

Main Piece: Pickup Line Joke

“Are you Australian? Because I want to didgeridoo you.”

Background Information:

The origin of these jokes are not very well known, but they are a very well known genre where M grew up in the United States. M heard this joke while growing up in middle school and also again in high school.

Context of the Performance:

These jokes were told ironically and are very rarely, if ever, told unironically. These were most commonly heard in middle school and the beginning of high school because the jokes are very simplistic. These would commonly be told in a group of friends.

My Thoughts:

These jokes fall into a genre that I have heard before when I was younger and in middle school. They are all very short and to the point and when I was growing up it was relatively common to hear these jokes when talking with friends about jokes and also in passing.