Coronavirus Joke

Context: The following is a joke told by the informant, my friend, in person when hiking before the trails were closed. 

Background: For a while early in the lockdown period, my friends and I continued hiking while maintaining social distancing rules set by the state. While doing so, one of them told us perhaps the most common and overused joke since the pandemic began.

Main piece: 

Q: What goes great with a Coronavirus?

A: Lyme disease

Analysis: The joke plays on the fact that Coronavirus has the word ‘corona’ in it, a common brand of beer, and that ‘Lyme’ sounds like ‘lime’, which is commonly put in beer. Although it is merely a joke, there was some concern about Corona beer according to some surveys, although Corona itself claims that is misinformation and that their business is doing very well. This joke is a bit dark in that it directly uses serious diseases for it’s punchline.