Counting Shoulders




J has shared this as a way to flirt. He shared it as a joke, but many people use this in day to day.

What is Counting Shoulders?

So basically what you do is you ask the other person “How many shoulders do we have?” Then they say “two” because they’re not stupid. Then you say “Really? Let’s count.” And you tap your own shoulder for one, then your other shoulder for two. Their closest shoulder is three, and then their furthest shoulder is four. When you tap the further shoulder, your arm will be around them, and you keep it there.

So it’s essentially a pickup line?


And people actually use this?

Yeah, in the way that people use pick up lines. Everyone kind of acknowledges that it’s cringey, but they let it be because it’s funny. 

Have you used this?

Only ironically. 

Did it work?

I mean I used it on my girlfriend as a joke. So yes, but I also didn’t need it. 


The nature of pick up lines has evolved over the years as people begin to recognize how ridiculous they are. That being said, they still maintain some of the charm, and are an effective way to break the ice. While most pickup lines exist to start conversation, Counting Shoulders exists to break the touch barrier, which can be very nerve-wracking for people. Because of the playful nature, however, Counting Shoulders makes it much easier for this step to be taken. As a result of the physical nature of Counting Shoulders, it requires that a relationship is already established, where a pickup line can be used on anyone.