Undoing the Macbeth Curse

Background: the informant is a college student and theater major. He is originally from Scranton, PA. He is also my roommate. 

Context: I asked him about this practice while he was cleaning the room. 

Me: What do you do to undo the curse if you say “Macbeth” in a theater?

Informant: Go outside, spin around three times, over your left shoulder, spit over your left shoulder, say a curse word, knock and be let back in. 

(He was adamant that this is the only right way)

Reflection: I asked another theater student with a different background about how to undo the same curse, and she had a slightly different answer. This informant was positive there was a right and wrong way to do this, whereas the other informant (who had folklore experience) believed there were a variety of ways that this tradition could be performed. Perhaps the saying a curse word part of this tradition has something to do with a transference of the curse or bad luck.