Croatian Cold Remedy, from Dalmatia

Cold Remedy in Croatia:

ME: What did you do to treat a cold?

S.H.: For a cold, we cook a tea at home.

ME: Oh, tea?

S.H.: Yes. Tea, or hot soup. Soup.

ME: What was put into the soup?

S.H. It depends, we put into it chicken or a little of meat, and that’s what we did for colds.


S.H. describes a cold remedy that he used in his village, in the Zadar region of Dalmatia, Croatia. It consists of tea, and either chicken or possibly another kind of meat. This recipe is simple, yet these and other such remedies are quite commonly done. Every culture has it’s own remedies for illnesses, such as colds, but this one recalls the region of Croatia he was from, as it was a part of his upbringing. This is close to the usual American concept of chicken noodle soup, which is very prevalent as a comfort food, and is often had during sicknesses like the common cold, flu, and others.