Cutting the Cake from the bottom Up

A tradition I have is to cut the cake on my birthday party from the bottom up. I first heard it when I was seven years old at my birthday party, and some uncle just yelled it out, “cut the cake from the bottom up so that you grow in life.” And it’s pretty common, every party you go to there’s going to be one person who’s going to yell it out the second before you cut the cake and it’s meaningful because it’s superstitious, it’s just thinking that if you cut the cake from the bottom up it means that you are going to grow and ascend in life. So, basically every time I have a birthday I do this, it’s an automatic response while I cut the cake and I really do believe that it will be beneficial for because I take this superstition seriously.

I’ve heard about this tradition several times throughout my life. It is said to be more normal in weddings rather than birthdays but I guess everyone does that while cutting the cake in celebration. In fact, I also do it sometimes but not as often as other people, since this is a superstition that I don’t really believe in. Pedro seems to be a superstitious person, he said that he has been doing this since the first time he heard about it. I think that having a superstition sometimes is healthy because thinking positively that you will grow in life can indirectly help you to achieve this. I believe that cutting the cake from the bottom up suggests that you will grow in life because you starting from the bottom and always growing; therefore, cutting the cake in the upward direction proposes that you will nurture.