There’s this urban legend in Brazil of a child called “Saci-Pererê”. He is from an indigenous tribe and only has one leg and runs around naked with a smoking pipe and a red hood. He is known to be a funny and disobedient, who plays with animals and hides stuff. According to legend, the Saci is in the swirling wind and can be captured by throwing a sieve over the swirls. After capture, you must remove the hood of the creature to ensure its obedience and trap it in a bottle. I used to love him when I was younger.

Saci is a famous folkloric legend in Brazil, everyone knows him. He is said to be a myth but occasionally someone would appear dressed up as him in kid’s parties.  Brazil is known to have many figures in folklore and he is definitely one of the most popular ones. It is interesting to hear about him again because I didn’t remember the story of how to capture him, I only remembered of his appearance. I believe children like him so much because he represents the kids in a way: a disobedient person who likes animals and plays around with objects.

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