Desert Spirit

Informant Description/ Context of performance: I shared an uber with this man on the way to Santa Monica. He was telling me and our driver about a time he experienced a supernatural phenomena; a spirit had spoken to him.

Original Script:

Interviewee: So I was driving through some part of Arizona the other day. In the fucking desert man. And I remember just thinking like shit, this place is so fucking empty. I could be lost and melting away in the sun, and who the fuck would know?! Who the fuck would know. I just started fucking crying man.

Me: Were you… sober?

Interviewee: Yeah dude. Something came over me. Or like some spirit just floated into my body and just moved me, ya know?

Me: So the spirit made you cry?

Interviewee: The spirit just made me feel like I was a part of the desert. Like I didn’t matter, but I was a part of something bigger.

Me: Did that make you happy or sad?

Interviewee: I don’t know. I was definitely crying, but it wasn’t sad. The spirit just like released this fountain in me. It was like I was there to bring water to the desert. That’s what my tears were for. That’s why there’s that spirit there. It’s to bring water to the desert. Spooky right?

Me: So you really think there’s a spirit there?

Interviewee: Yeah….

Me: And if you went back, it’d be there? You’d cry again?

Interview: Oh fuck yeah dude. Too bad it was in the middle of buttfuck nowehere Arizona, so how do I find it again?

Conclusion: Honestly, I’m not sure I believe Mago was sober in the story or the retelling of it in the uber. The story was mystical and poetic in its own way, so either he’s a super creative story teller or he really believes in this spirit.