Dont Ring the bell in Bars

Informant Background:

The informant is a Junior at USC in the Naval ROTC program. he considers himself the typical college boy and often enjoys attending the numerous parties around campus.


Informants story:

“Something you’ll see in bars is this bell. Like, one of those bells with the thing attached to the string that you swing back and forth to make it sound. They can be big or small, doesn’t matter. What matters about these bells is that you don’t ring them. The reason for this is because that means you’re buying the whole bar a round. I almost did that at a pub when I was little before my dad caught me before I did. He would have had to pay for like, 50 people.”



Bars are always to do whatever they can to acquire as much money as possible. This is often accomplished through gimmicks and tricks. As people drink more and more they are likely to make less informed decisions, especially when it comes to throwing money around. An easy way for the generous drunk to spread his wealth is to have an easy to use instrument to announce his generosity. Though the bell can be used to help drunks out of their hard earned cash, they are also there for people who actually have reason to be generous. In case of events that cause for celebration, such as a marriage or promotion, the bell is readily available to add a little excitement to the scene and to let people feel the same joy as the generous donor.