Dudley Town

MR heard another legend about a town 30 minutes away from his Connecticut summer camp.

“Dudley town is right outside a settlement where everyone died mysteriously. Every 7 years, someone near Dudley town spontaneously dies. No one knows why they died, but it’s located in a forest called “Dark Entry Forest.” Very ominous you know. The forest is between three hills, and completely dark inside. I tried to film something there, and got a cease & desist letter from law. People will call police on you if they see you nearby, so there are legends that people are cooking meth there too or that all this shady business is going on.”

Summer camps seem to be a major place where legends and scary stories are spread. They seem to often surround very remote rural towns, and people tend to jump to the conclusion that weird hillbillies are cooking meth as a fallback explanation for suspicious activities.