El Cadejo

This story is told by M. The basis is a legend from Central America, but the story told was from his personal experience and encounter with the character. 

Context: M is a family member of mine. He is very close in my life. Growing up, he would always tell me about his interactions and encounters with various being growing up in El Salvador. This generated more curiosity within me, and I was fascinated by the fact that these characters were real. I don’t know how to feel about it now that i’m older…


” Tenia como unos 8 anos. Mi mama Juanita me mando a comprar pan una noche. Recuerdo que era una noche oscura, estábamos atravesando un sendero allá en las montañas. De repente, sentí una presencia extraña, como si algo estuviera siguiéndonos en la oscuridad.De allí, apareció de entre las sombras, un gran chucho (DOG), de pelaje oscuro y ojos rojos brillantes como focos. Era el Cadejo. Un gran chucho demoniaco Me quedé paralizado por un momento. El Cadejo me miraba fijamente, como si pudiera leer mis pensamientos. Sentí un escalofrío recorrer mi espalda mientras se acercaba lentamente. Pero algo en su mirada me tranquilizó, como si no viniera con intenciones malas.Entonces, el Cadejo empezó a ladrar. Casi como si estuviera hablando o tratando de comunicarse conmigo. Me quede congelada, muerto del miedo. Como si nada hubiese pasado, el Cadejo corrió, y se escondió en la oscuridad, y se desapareció. Andaba sonámbulo, y por eso lo sentí mas feo, como que me despertó del sueno. Menos mal quede traumado”


”I was about 8 years old. My mother Juanita sent me to buy bread one night. I remember it was a dark night, we were crossing a path there in the mountains. Suddenly, I felt a strange presence, as if something was following us in the darkness. From there, a large dog (DOG) appeared from the shadows, with dark fur and bright red eyes like spotlights. It was Cadejo. A big demonic mutt I froze for a moment. Cadejo looked at me intently, as if he could read my thoughts. I felt a chill run down my spine as he slowly approached. But something in his look calmed me, as if he didn’t come with bad intentions. Then, Cadejo started barking. Almost like he was talking or trying to communicate with me. I froze, scared to death. As if nothing had happened, Cadejo ran, hid in the darkness, and disappeared. I was sleepwalking, and that’s why it felt even worse, like it woke me up from sleep. Thank goodness I was traumatized.”

Analysis/YOUR interpretation: 

El cadejo is described to be a big black dog, with bright red eyes. M described them as lightbulbs, shining in the distance. Throughout Central America, there have been tales of this demon dog making its appearance in the dead of night, and scaring people beyond compare. This legend seems to also be a type of myth. It could be plausible that M, and the many who claim to see him ran into an actual dog, who simply made its way, and scared them. Once again, this tale is an example of Narrative, A legend, but also could be myth, as it may or may not be loosely based on a true occurrence. It cold very well be some sort of exaggeration that is interpreted as this demon dog we know as the cadejo. Overall, there is a very strong culture of story telling in El Salvador that reinforces this theory. In the case of M, he claims to have encountered it, and agrees that the tale is common consensus among many Central Americans