El Chupacabra

So when I was in 6th grade, I moved to a new school and I had to take this Spanish class and my teacher’s name was Ms. Riley. She was absolutely not Spanish or Mexican or any other Latin nationality at all, and she even told us this. Not that a Spanish teacher has to be Spanish, but this lady was really bizarre and for some reason, the fact that she chose to teach Spanish just really added to her strangeness. So I remember during class, she’d get distracted a lot and would tell us these really, really weird stories, that were apparently all true – but even my 6th grade knew she was full of shit. That or she was just like, a psychopath or something. Like she said this dentist she had would perform surgeries on her and she’d wake up during the procedure and the anesthetic would have run out and he would keep doing the surgery while she was awake and later on she found out that this guy was like actually a criminal that the FBI was hunting and he would go around posing as a dentist and would basically just torture his patients. Just like weird stuff like that. So that kind of like sets you up for all the stories that she told us in class. Just like based off of that, I never, ever believed what she said. So in her class was the first time I ever heard about “el Chupacabra,” which is Spanish and when translated loosely means like, “the goat sucker.” And like, it basically did just that, well, more or less. Like the Chupacabra was supposed to be this like alien/vampire/wolf-looking creature thing that would suck all the blood out of farm animals mostly. And that was about it. And like this is something that people like actually believed in cause I’ve seen tv specials where they interview people who had farms and like would go into their barn to find that one of their animals was drained completely of their blood and they would have two puncture wounds. I mean, it seems like a pretty viable thing, because I’ve heard a ton of stories where people said their animals were drained of their blood, but the way my teacher described the Chupacabra, she kind of ruined any possible belief I could have had in this creature. So like, she told us this story about how she was driving in her car down a road in a forest, and like all of the sudden, she saw this like glowing, neon green creature thing fly in front of her car. And for some strange fuckin’ reason, she decided that It would be a good idea to stop her car and get out and look around for God knows what. So when she got out of her car, she saw that on the side of the road, next to her car were like three crows or some other bird, and all of them were dead and all of them apparently were drained completely of their blood. And then, to apparently corroborate this story, she told us of this time she found this alley cat and decided to take care of it, then one day, she heard this cat have a grissly fight in a tree outside her house. And when she went outside to see what the fight was, she just saw this glowing thing fly out of her tree and away somewhere and then the cat fell to the ground and smelled really bad and then it got sick and died in the next couple of days. Her claim was that for both of these scenarios, the Chupacabra was the flying thing, and ya.


So did you ever tell people about the Chupacabra?

Yeah, tons of people, but I never tell them about my teacher’s crazy variation on the myth.


Do you believe in Chupacabra, or did you ever believe in it?

No, but sometimes when I’m driving down a dark road, and I’m the only car, I always get paranoid that something is going to fly in front of my car, and in the back of my mind, I think it’s going to be Chupacabra. Like not actually, but you know, the thought is there.


My Reaction:

I too have seen the specials on this creature, and while I know it’s not real, I have seen some convincing evidence for something that is sucking the blood from animals.