Microwaves and Pregnant Women

So when my mom was pregnant with me, my grandma was extremely paranoid about my well-being, so she wouldn’t let my mom go near the microwave while it was on. Cause ]my grandma saw on the news that microwave radiation would somehow seep into the womb and would hurt the baby. But I think this was like something she heard in the 60s-70s cause my mom knew nothing was going to happen to me, but my grandma was worried anyway. [My grandma] was and is addicted to the news. Every single superstition she has about anything, she gets from the news.


Do you know of anyone else who had that fear of microwave rays hurting babies in the womb?

Actually, maybe not like an explicit story from someone, but I do remember that at some point during my life I heard quite a bit about people’s paranoia surrounding microwaves. So I guess this microwave legend or whatever has been around for sometime. But also, I know that my grandma had an abortion at one point because the doctor told her that the baby was going to be deformed, so I kind of always thought that her microwave slash overall overprotection with babies in the womb must have stemmed from that.


My Reaction:

Like cell phones, there are a ton of superstitions and urban legends regarding microwaves. It makes complete sense that someone would suspect that the rays would be harmful to  baby.