Elementary School Christmas Craft


A snowman ornament made in elementary school out of paper; the ornament is in the shape of a snowman and is filled with white, shredded up paper (to simulate snow) and hung on the students’ Christmas trees at home.


The informant made this ornament in his elementary school over Christmas time. The ornament was a traditional craft to make in his school over the holidays, and the students all made their own versions of it to bring home to their families. The informant still has his crafted snowman ornament now, over a decade later, and it is a very treasured possession to his family as a craft that he made for them years ago in school.


Crafting ornaments like the informant’s snowman is very common in elementary schools whose students widely celebrate Christmas. In these schools, it is very traditional that ornaments/other decorations are crafted for the students’ families. The popularity of taking class time to make ornaments as such for holidays in so many elementary schools exemplifies our inclination toward celebration, festivity, and togetherness, because using class time to make them teaches the students to prioritize such festivity. Schools where ornament making is done like to look forward to the milestones of big Holiday seasons (i.e. Winter, Summer) to break up the normalcy of the rest of the school year, and add variety into their normal lessons. After all, so many American students nostalgically look back at the early 2000’s in elementary school the day before Winter break – the hot cocoa, apple cider, and gift exchanges were some of the best memories of elementary school for so many of us. Taking up all of the class time necessary to have these moments of celebration and crafting of holiday decorations, like ornaments, is the perfect example of our inclination toward the excitement of festivity.