This acronym stands for “Fuck It Dog, Life’s A Risk”. The informant first heard this when she was around 12. It was a popular phrase among the skater kids in Malibu, where the informant grew up. In fact, it was so popular that a local punk band from the area used it as their name. This band has since become popular on a national scale, giving prominence to the saying. The informant maintains, however, that the saying existed before the band and that the band merely adopted it.

This saying seems to be popular mostly amongst teenagers in the los Angeles area, which makes sense given the sentiment of the phrase. Teenagers are known to go through a rebellious period and a saying like this, which is essentially justification for making a rash decision, is perfect for this demographic. The informant says she has never heard it used it outside of Los Angeles and there is a certain pride attached to it being local to that area.