“Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.”

My saying is “failing to prepare is preparing to fail.” I heard it most recently in my sports class. It’s actually a famous UCLA basketball coach who said it, and it’s really important to me because I think that preparation is very important in life. Mainly in sports, school, all around ethic. My dad also use to tell this in middle school and all throughout my life because it’s something that matters in any occasion. I take it really seriously and I really try to apply this to my life in every circumstance that I’m caught up.

I couldn’t agree more with this quote. I use it on a regular basis because it is the ultimate truth. If you don’t have a plan beforehand you won’t succeed. I have been in situations that I failed in achieving my goals and most of them were related to my preparation. I have heard this quote coming from Benjamin Franklin but I guess there are many adaptations of it. It is important to keep in mind that life has windows of opportunity that will allow you to succeed. Those windows might only appear once in a life time and it’s important to be ready. If someone has prepared correctly prior to the window of opportunity, one chance is enough for him or her to succeed. I’ll go back to the idea that skill isn’t everything and that preparation and dedication beats talent. Gavin is a very intelligent person and I believe that he taken this proverb to heart and applied it to his life too.