Fair – Mexico

Feria de San Marcos– Saint Marcos Festival

This festival takes place during the entire month of April in the capital of Aguascalientes, Mexico. Veronica tells me that the entire city is shut down, and that the locals get jobs at the fair since their places of work are closed. Children love the month of April because they do not have to go to school and get to enjoy the month at the festival. She believes that the festival started because of the patron saint of this city, San Marcos. His day is marked on the Catholic Church’s calendar as April 25th, yet the people of Aguascalientes, called Hidrocalidos because of the hot springs, celebrate it during the entire month.

During the festival, there are carnival games, rides, and food. In addition, there are Folklore expositions. It is a way for the Hidrocalidos to show off those items that are typical to the region to tourists and the locals.  There are also bullfights which take place in the stadium downtown. The whole festival takes place downtown next to La Iglesia de San Marcos or St. Marcos Church. At the end of the festival, fireworks are displayed. When they are finished everyone cleans up and goes home, ready to start work and school the next day.

The festival has become extremely popular. It attracts many tourists and those wishing to return to their hometown every year. There is even a song dedicated to this festival. It is called “Alla Feria de San Marcos”. According to Veronica who attended the festival during the years she lived there, the festival has continued to grow because of the sharing of culture involved and the money it brings to the city.

I agree that the festival has grown and continues to grow because of the culture expositions and the profit made. In addition, I believe that the location of the city has a lot to do with the large crowds of tourists. Although, this city does not have beautiful landscapes, such as cities like Cancun and Acapulco, it is located in the heart of Mexico.

I attend the festival when I was about 10 and I loved it. It was like being at a Mexico themed Disney Land. There were rides, shows, and lots of people.


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