Festivals – Romania

Hora la Prislop

A colorful traditional event, taking place in a splendid wooded mountain setting, is “Hora la Prislop.” Held mid-August at Prislop Pass, situated along the northerly road which connects Maramures with Moldavia — two culturally rich regions in northern Romania — this festival attracts people from numerous regions who come, decked out in folk costumes, to mingle and enjoy the traditional music, songs and dance. The festival is marked by religious celebrations, with people still wearing traditional dress in neighboring villages. The majority of people belong to the Romanian Orthodox faith and it is not uncommon to come across processions of worshipers carrying flowers and icons to a church or monastery in honor of a significant event in the church calendar. In villages, such people most likely will be in traditional dress.

Georgiana has not attended this festival, but she heard about it from her family members, who she believes must have attended this festival. I believe this festival might have begun as a procession, but somewhere along the years people began bringing their traditional music, attire, etc. to show to those from other regions whom they often saw in the processions.


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