Fast work is a shame for its master (Bulgarian Proverb)

Original Script: Бързата работа, срам за майстора.

Phonetic Script: burzata rabota sram za maistora.

Literal Meaning: Rushed work is an embarrassment for a master. (Note: The informant translated the literal meaning as “fast work is a shame for its master,” but English is his second language.)

бързата – /burzata/ – fast
работа – /rabota/ – work, job
срам – /sram/ – shame, embarrassment
майстора – /maistora/ – master, skilled craftsman

Implied Meaning: It’s better to be slow and careful than fast and sloppy; don’t rush to get something done.

BD does not remember the first time he has heard this phrase spoken. He had heard it from his parents, but to him, the significance of the phrase is that it reminds him that good work takes time and effort, and it’s more important to produce good, finished paintings than it is to call a lot of rushed pieces “done.”

This proverb sounds fairly standard but I could not think of any English equivalents off the top of my head. With some research, I found some similar quotes:

The plans of the diligent lead to profit as surely as haste leads to poverty. – Proverbs 21:5 (Other similar quotes can be found throughout the rest of the Bible as well)