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Gods live 3 feet off the ground (Chinese Proverb)

离地三尺有神灵 li di san chi you shen ling away ground three feet exist divine/numinous spirit There are gods and spirits 3 feet off the ground. Even when you think you’re alone, the spirits are still watching you, so don’t act differently even if you don’t think anyone is watching. Chinese proverb usually used by parents… Continue Reading »

The Lakota Deer Woman

BE: When i was a kid i was told this legend, and i’ve heard it many times, the Lakota believe this and the other plains tribes do it too as far as I know. There is a creature called Deer woman and she shapeshifts into a woman, a human woman, and she goes to pow… Continue Reading »

Fast work is a shame for its master (Bulgarian Proverb)

Original Script: Бързата работа, срам за майстора. Phonetic Script: burzata rabota sram za maistora. Literal Meaning: Rushed work is an embarrassment for a master. (Note: The informant translated the literal meaning as “fast work is a shame for its master,” but English is his second language.) бързата – /burzata/ – fast работа – /rabota/ –… Continue Reading »

A Grave of Rice

It’s bad luck to stick chopsticks into a bowl of rice, burying the tip. Supposedly this is because the chopsticks resemble the headstone placed on a grave, and reminders death are extremely inauspicious in Chinese society. The correct way to set a table, and to place chopsticks on a bowl of rice, is to lay them across… Continue Reading »