Father’s Ghost Story

You must have been 15 months old, we were leaving on the Swiss border in a large duplex on the top floor. I was traveling in Seoul (South Korea) for business. I was ready to flight back to France when your mother called me to tell me the following story.


The night before my arrival it was around 3:00AM and as usual you woke up and started crying. Our bedroom was close to yours separated by the bathroom (a French bathroom nothing as large as in the US). Mommy woke up went to your room and took you in bed with her. You went back to sleep, she was not sleeping when she heard a voice in your bedroom. It was the voice of child singing like he or she was playing with your stuffed animals (you had quite a few). She could not make sense of it, was she dreaming? She did not go to check it out.

The day after I arrived, we went to bed and as usual you woke up in the middle of night. One of us went in your room, picked you up and put you in between the two of us in the bed. You went back to sleep but not me and all the sudden I heard a voice in your bedroom. It was a joyful voice, voice of a child, seemed like a little girl playing with your stuffed animals. I was wide awake, petrified, the will to check your bedroom had left me. The memory of this is still vivid in my mind. How long did it last I do not know exactly but not long, a few minutes. But it seems to me an eternity. I can tell you I believe in ghosts.


My thoughts:

I have no recollection of this; I was too young. I want to believe it because it’s my father’s story. My dad believes in ghosts more so than my mom. My mom’s account of this story is similar except that she does not easily attribute it to a ghost. She just says it’s very weird and could be a ghost. I don’t know if there was death in this apartment at any time or even if a child used to live there. The story is definitely creepy to me.