Food – England

Fish and Chips- Cultural Food

“A popular dish in England is fish and chips. The fish is beer battered cod that is fried. The chips are fries. It has been popular since the 1800’s and is served in newspaper. It is especially popular in Cornwall, where my parents live”

Often times cultural dishes are created based on ingredients, which are readily available or abundant to a region. Such is the case of fish and chips in Cornwall, a town in England on the water. Here, Jayne says the fish and chips are especially delicious. This may be because the fish is caught fresh every day and recipes for it have been passed down through time.

The newspaper idea is one that should be adopted in the US to recycle paper. It makes for a very good way of recycling materials that would otherwise be disposed of. There is a sanitary question, which comes into play, however. This is perhaps why I have seen American versions of food wrapped in faux newspaper. Regardless of cleanliness, fish and chips remains extremely popular in England.

This may be because unlike Americans, the Europeans are not so obsessed with fad diets and such silly ways of trying to become skinny. Most Europeans carelessly enjoy their delicious cuisines special to their countries. However, portions are not as big as you see in the US. Also, their eating habits differ in that they eat to live, not live to eat.