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Bloody Knuckles

This is a schoolyard game played by mostly teenagers. It is played between two people. My informant used to play this game in middle school when he lived in Texas. This is a game of strength and determination. The first person makes a fist and hits the other person’s knuckles as hard as they can with their knuckles. Then the next person does the same thing. The person to give up first because of either pain or boredom, losses. He said he used to play this during lunch time or recess.

This game is a manly game mainly played by boys. In a society where brute and strength determine man, it is a perfect game to play to see who is the strongest and the most “manliest.” It would be rarely played by girls or woman.

I think that this game is very interesting in the sense that society is so keen in trying to see who is the strongest and manliest. I am pretty sure this game has been played for as long as we can remember. This part of society never changes. There are many variations to this game, including putting a quarter in between your fingers and then hitting the other person thus hitting them with a quarter. This game is very interesting and has an important part in society.

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