Game Day Ritual: Underwear

Game Day Ritual: Underwear



D.N. was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri as the fifth of eleven children living under his mother and father. He is one of nine boys and two girls, and played several sports in high school where he eventually matriculated to USC. He studied engineering and now works as a real estate developer living in Palos Verdes Estates, California.


“You know I’m a pretty superstitious person. I think that stemmed partially from growing up with so many siblings. Habits and superstitions just formed pretty quickly. You also know, since I’m your Dad and have been your coach multiple times, I am very superstitious during game day when I’m coaching. I have to wear the same underwear every time I coach. I can wash them in between, but… I have to wear them in any game I coach. When we couldn’t find them in the laundry, the Longhorns had their worst game in history.”


Superstitions like these are particularly common in the sports world. Obviously the underwear itself plays no role in a team’s success, but I believe that the placebo effect is strong. If my Dad feels good, knowing he is wearing his “lucky underwear,” he is going to perform at his best, which gives him and the team the best chance of winning. So in a way, I guess it makes sense. I do have superstitions of my own… I can probably thank my Dad for that!