“Nose Goes”

During biology lab we were studying the structure and function of the kidneys.  So in the first part of the lab we dissected a sheep kidney to examine its structure, and in the second part of the lab we analyzed a urine sample to study one of the kidneys main function, elimination of waste products.  The urine samples to be analyzed were to supposed to be collected from one student at each lab station.  My lab station consisted of myself, my lab partner Christine and two other girls.  None of us wanted to pee in a cup, which was required to collect the urine sample that needed to be analyzed for the lab.  So Christine announced, “Nose goes!”  According to the game, if there is something that has to be done but no one wants to do it, someone says “nose goes” and the last person to touch their nose has to do whatever is was that no one wanted to do.  Since all the other girls touched their nose with their index finger before me I was the one who had to supply the urine sample for the lab.

Another version of this game called “Not is Noses” has also been documented in this folklore collction.  Please refer to item #8 of the collection for further analysis.  Additionally, while searching the Internet I found a website that explains and documents the “official” rules of nose goes.  This shows that the game is well known and it is known under the title or phrase “Nose Goes” not “Not it Noses”, which is another version of the same game.  Annotation:

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