Ghost Month- Taiwan

“This is another folk superstition that I found very odd while living there [Taiwan]. It was this thing called Ghost month, I believe it was September, but essentially it’s a month when you don’t leave your clothes out to dry, you don’t look over your shoulder,  and you don’t leave the house at night too often. They also do some things like surgery, no swimming, no moving houses, and no weddings. I think it’s everything you can do to hide from the ghosts and not to reveal your home’s address. Taiwanese believe the ghosts haunt the island for the whole entire month.” 


When the informant was in Taiwan his host family made sure to reveal these practices to him in order to prevent him from being haunted by the ghosts on the island. His host family was pretty relaxed on the custom but many people still take this folk superstition very seriously. 

Analysis: I found this superstition extremely interesting, all of the practices and things you’re not supposed to do seem to be kind of excessive, but I do see how the Taiwanese people can hold onto this tradition on the chance the island does become haunted during ghost month.