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Ghost Month- Taiwan

“This is another folk superstition that I found very odd while living there [Taiwan]. It was this thing called Ghost month, I believe it was September, but essentially it’s a month when you don’t leave your clothes out to dry, you don’t look over your shoulder,  and you don’t leave the house at night too… Continue Reading »

White Crysanthemum-Taiwan

“ Another Folk tradition or I guess a superstition is that you don’t give white chrysanthemums unless it’s someone’s funeral. If you do then it is considered extremely rude and you wish death on the person. While I was in Taiwan I don’t think I saw them in a normal flower shop but you have… Continue Reading »

Jade- Taiwan

“Hey man, glad you called this is a super cool thing my host family in Taiwan did and I’m glad you got to experience it when you came to visit, but pretty much by gifting a piece of Jade to guests it’s their way of showing first their wealth. It’s a way for them to… Continue Reading »

Ghost Mattress

Main Piece: “My grandma lives in Maryland and she once bought a mattress from a friend that was old and worn out, obviously had been well lived in. So the first night that she was sleeping on the new “old” mattress she at first thought she was dreaming but then believed she saw a little… Continue Reading »