Ghost Story – San Antonio, Texas

Ghost Story- The Donkey Lady

Well, this is really creepy, but uh, ok.  So back in San Antonio, there was this lady who had three donkeys.  She was a nice lady, I heard, and never really bothered anyone.  Her donkeys were really loud though.  One day her neighbor got pissed at her about the noise the donkeys were making.  The next day, she took her donkeys to the river. When she parked the truck, she realized her neighbor was behind her blinking his lights.  He got out and torched her car on fire with her and the donkeys trapped inside.  Uh, so, they were all burned to death, but supposedly, the ladies face burned in a way that looked like a donkey.  Now, especially on Halloween, if you blink your lights at anyone, the ghost of the Donkey Lady will get in your car and kill you.

I collected this story from my roommate Andy.  He told me Donkey Lady is very popular in San Antonio and he thought it was real when he first heard it as a youngster.  It was told to him by a friend around Halloween time.  I asked him what he thought of it now and he said, “ I think it’s a pretty clever story, but uh, I don’t know, I definitely don’t think it’s true.  I mean who would own three donkeys.  That’s kind of ridiculous.  It is funny though that people sometimes don’t even turn their car lights on Halloween anymore.  It has gotten a little bit out of hand”.

This story was tough to analyze.  At first, I thought Donkey Lady was only performed for entertainment because it is such a random story.  Then I noticed two more things.  Andy said people are afraid to turn on their lights during Halloween because of this story.  Halloween is a night that’s meant to be dark, so this story acts as an advocate to that concept.  Also, this story serves a reminder that you are a San Antonian.  I have never heard Donkey Lady before, so it makes the people of San Antonio have a sense of pride and identity.

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