Family Story

The Family and Their Rings

Well, there is this story in my family. I am not totally sure if it is true, but I hear it from cousins and other relatives all the time.  Supposedly, my family, a couple generations ago, were all bankers.  They all decided to make this crest to symbolize both their family and profession.  Along with this crest, they made a bunch of gold rings.  This all sounds normal, but supposedly, these rings give you power and strength if you are in the family.  But if you aren’t, they have some type of curse attached to them.  From what I have heard, our family has a couple of them still, but I hear some are lost.  I do not really know what it all means, but I don’t want people to be cursed.

I heard this story from my friend Barnabas.  He is Italian and English, but he did not specify which side of the family this came from.  He said this story is normally told at family functions or events.  I asked him his opinion about the accuracy of this story and he said, “ I mean I don’t really know.  I have never seen one of these rings personally, but supposedly my cousin has.  I just don’t want someone to be cursed because it could ruin his or her life. I would like a ring though, would maybe help my strength”.

This story is very interesting because it is told within his family.  It creates a sense of identity because those in the family are the only ones who know it.  He said it is never just told randomly around family, but only at functions and important get togethers.  This tells me it has special importance within the family.  I think it also is meant to bring back memories of past generations.

The last thing I noticed was that the rings were made of gold.  Gold is a symbol of wealth, power, and strength.  I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t want their family to be associated with such qualities.  The fact that these rings are magical also gives the family a sense of importance.